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Drive innovation, generate revenue through commissions, and empower startups in your industry.

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Ever wondered how you could leverage your expertise, network, or passion to make a real impact? Becoming a publisher on Colecti’s Crowdfunding Network offers you the unique opportunity to do just that. As a publisher, you’re not just a bystander; you’re an influencer in the startup ecosystem. You get to curate and present innovative projects that align with your interests or expertise, guiding them toward success. It’s a win-win: you help startups reach their funding goals while building a community around a cause or industry you’re passionate about. Take the driver’s seat in shaping the future of crowdfunding—become a publisher today.

Set up your account

Create an account on Colecti and upgrade it to publisher level. Fill in your profile.

Select startups

Let startups select you as their publisher or introduce startups to the platform yourself

Promote campaigns

Promote the campaigns through your own social media channels and network.

Receive commission

Once a campaign is successful, you’ll receive the commission that you set for yourself.

Start your own crowdfunding channel

Why your own crowdfunding channel is the way to go

Drive Innovation

Get the ability to spearhead innovation in your geographical area or industry vertical, making a meaningful impact on your community


Generate Revenue

Earn commissions from successful campaigns, creating a steady and sustainable income stream for yourself


Enpower Startups

Offer startups within your network their inaugural funding opportunity, playing a pivotal role in fostering and supporting emerging entrepreneurial talent

Why we at Colecti love crowdfunding

Reward-based crowdfunding stands out as the easiest and most accessible form of crowdfunding, making it incredibly intriguing. Backers can directly support projects they’re passionate about and, in return, receive tangible rewards, transforming their contributions into concrete, tangible benefits. This simplicity and the direct exchange of support for rewards create an engaging and rewarding crowdfunding experience for everyone involved.

Lukas Bronsvoort

CEO , Colecti

Why Users Thrive with Colecti

Colecti’s platform pushes the boundaries of crowdfunding, with rewards that offer ownership, transparency and tradeability.

A secondary market
Trade rewards prior to the delivery of the final product. This offers flexibility to withdraw from a project if needed, while enabling others to participate in an already successfully crowdfunded project.

Once the product is delivered, Colecti offers a seamless experience for backers to effortlessly redeem their product.

We believe in providing transparent payment to our users. We offer a range of options, including iDeal, PayPal, credit card payments, welcoming users from all over the world to participate in campaigns.

We leverage Web3 technology to redefine crowdfunding, fostering global communities to fuel startups’ tech dreams


Colecti uses blockchain technology to power this solution, leading to a 100% secure and fully automated platform where money flows directly from the user to the project, without a company or separate bank account intervening.

Blockchain technology allows backers to easily sell their future products on the Colecti marketplace. By giving them this flexibility, we lower the boundaries for users to start investing in cool and promising startups.