About the team

Our mission is straightforward: we’re here to assist companies in jumpstarting their ideas. We recognize the pivotal role crowdfunded funds play in sparking new innovations, and we understand how challenging it can be to secure them.







Colecti was established in 2022 by Lukas Bronsvoort, Jurre Machielsen, Raphaël Cornelis and Sander Mandemaker, a professional team bringing together the skills needed to build a cutting edge blockchain company.

Drawn to the promise of new technologies, our team started working on tech projects in 2017. We knew right away that this field would have a huge impact on the future. While we began with a focus on blockchain, we’ve since expanded our interests to include all kinds of tech solutions. We place a lot of value on community and teamwork. That’s why we’ve built strong, lasting relationships with important groups in the tech world, including the Lisk community. We believe that when we work together, everyone wins.

We also know what startups need to succeed. Things like steady growth, the ability to change quickly, and a helpful community can make or break a new company. That’s why we’re committed to building a crowdfunding platform that helps new businesses get off the ground and succeed in the long term.

Lukas Bronsvoort

Lukas Bronsvoort


Marketing, business development

Jurre Machielsen

Jurre Machielsen


Innovation, legal, tokenomics

Sander Mandemaker

Sander Mandemaker


Backend, security, architecture

Raphaël Cornelis

Raphaël Cornelis


Design, front-end, operations