Colecti brand launch!

The all new Colecti brand is now live! Colecti is all about digital innovation and the versatility of NFTs, which should also be reflected in our brand. We proudly present the final result of a successful collaboration between Colecti, Greymen and Studio Onward.

It all started with a unique shape, based on a pixelated C to emphasize the digital character of Colecti.


The negative space was then converted into a new shape, representing a digital world where something unique arises: the NFT.


As NFTs are so diverse, we did not stick to only one shape but applied the unique shape to multiple styles.

To further express the dynamic character of Colecti and its industry, the new brand will not be static, but is fully animated and thus tells the Colecti story.

Next to the dynamic logo, the different shapes and colors will each represent a separate Colecti service, creating recognition in navigating the platform and supporting accessibility and ease-of-use.